Boy Culture

Author Matthew Rettenmund set up Boy Culture in response to someone he'd met at a concert; you need to reread the About page to get the full story. It has, since its inception in 2005, become an influential blog commenting on gay issues, celebrities and music, among other cultural things. You're going to find all the usual things you find on blogs like link lists and the facility where you can comment, or subscribe, and you are also going to find regular updates that include journalistic comment and photos. When I was viewing there were political comments alongside photos of hot guys from Broadway Bares, there was a competition where you could win a copy of Cabaret on Blu-Ray, and there were pages of news, gossip and other fun stuff all to do with gay lifestyle and culture. It's a nice mix and one that doesn't come over as being 'on the nose.' You know how some bloggers keep ramming home heir point of view, their thoughts, their opinions, and after a while it gets a bit tedious? Well, you don't get that here; Matthew edits with an eye to variety and impartiality, making sure that you get an eclectic read, a free read and an informed and yet fun blog to bookmark and keep coming back to.

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