Blogs about men in particular are getting more and more frequent it would seem. Even just men in every day life as opposed to showing off naked and engaged in sexual adventures. Boy Culture seems to be a blog by a serious man watcher. From art to politics, softcore porn to tv, there are a lot of categories covered. I must admit that some of the posts seem a little redundant. There isn't a lot of text on the pages where models are portrayed, but the men adorning the pages are certainly worth checking out. I'm guessing that the blogmaster is a film producer of some kind as there is a Boy Culture movie available for purchase. If you get over here check out the humour category. The author does up a pretty cool review of the feature "Cry Baby". It's comical, informative and honest. Boy Culture may take some time to get into but after reading a bit I'm sure some folks will find some interesting things to peruse. It's a very large blog so don't expect to go through it all quickly.

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