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Robbie Rivers is making his debut on UK Naked Men this week. And the good-looking, British guy is featured in a boxing scene. He's in the ring sparing solo, and this lets us get a good look at his athletic body. Robbie is a cute guy with short, dark hair. He's wearing a muscle t-shirt and that really shows off an intricate, black, flowered tattoo crawling up his arm. He's wearing a pair of white, baggy, boxer trunks, which makes it impossible to see any kind of bulge. However, the leg holes of his shorts and wide open, so we're teased into trying to get a peek. But it's not until Robbie strips down to his yellow jockstrap, and peels back the fabric, that we get a look at his delicious and meaty uncut cock. He strokes it a few times and stiffens it up, but his sensitive cap is still covered in foreskin. Robbie leans back on the ropes and slides his foreskin up and down his meaty shaft. I certainly wish that my gym had a boxing ring like this!

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