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Ned works in a wood shop and as a boss, he's an asshole. Since his dad owns the shop, Ned thinks he owns the employees. He treats them like shit and teases one employee for being too girly. He's even worse with the customers.

Ned fires one of the employees and trash talks him in the process. This guy has had enough, so he calls in the Gay Mafia. When they show up, they subdue Ned in a hurry, stripping him naked and cuffing his hands behind his back. His pleas for help fall on deaf ears as his disgruntled employees gather around to watch the show. This is going to be particularly humiliating for Ned because he's straight.

The mafia guys make Ned suck their cocks. And then in a particularly delicious scene, they thrown him on the floor, make him lick their boots; and then hog-tied and with his ass in the air, they violate his asshole with an electric drill with a dildo attachment.

Once his hole is loosened up, everyone lines up to have their turn fucking this mouthy straight guy. They lie him back on a table, encase his head in a glory hole box, and while one huge-dicked stud fucks his ass, another slips his big cock into the glory hole and makes Ned suck it. The crowd humiliates Ned by pouring motor oil and sawdust all over his body, and then the guy who just finished fucking him sprays Ned with a huge load of cum. When they're done with this straight guy, they suspended him from the rafters naked and leave him for his father to find. I'm betting this guy was a lot nicer after that. Head over to Bound in Public and watch the free video trailer.

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Bound Guy Getting Fucked

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