When Jake Cruise paired up a muscular bear Mick with younger jock Andy, he expected the usual scene -- older top fucks younger bottom. But when these two got into it, they surprised everyone. They started off with the normal stripping, kissing, rubbing, and groping, but these two guys were really into one another. And these two guys are talkers, they like talking it up and making lots of noise during sex. Hairy bear Mick asks Andy if he likes his nipples chewed, "Oh yeah," the young jock says. Except I don't think Andy really believed that "chewed" meant "chewed." Okay, he didn't scream like a girl or anything, but he quickly and carefully moved Mick onto other things. They guys swap blowjobs and have a good time sucking one another's cock. Andy particularly had a very nice long cock. And when Mick completely strips, he has a beautiful hairy and beefy body. I was pretty surprised myself when he climbed on top on Andy and started sitting on his cock. At first I was taken by the beautiful butt on this bear -- big, beefy, and hairy. But then I realized that this big beefy guy was really into getting fucked. I guess we always just figure -- big guy, top; small guy, bottom. And this role reversal was pretty hot to watch. And frankly it was all a nice surprise because Jake Cruise doesn't often have big, hairy, beefy guys on his site. Way to go Jake!

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