men in boots

If you get hard for boot-clad dudes, you're in major luck because boots are everywhere. Hell, go to the mall and watch guys try them on. Or get your binoculars going on that temptingly obscene construction site (fetishes are always better with binoculars). Or just look down when you're walking along the street. No worries about being caught as you're not making eye contact.

Special cues are when a guy's rocking boots with shorts, or guy's pants are tucked into the boots, or (jackpot) he's wearing boots and no pants.

And it's not only about leather boots. Rubber boots are strong fetish contenders too, and easy on the tongue if you're licking them. Which is of course morally wrong to do, because boots are to be worn not to be sexually admired. Yes, it's completely wrong to masturbate while worshiping a guy and his boots.

So ultimately, they are the perfect combination of form and function. Or if you're just into the look of them, then play construction worker with your fella. Even though he's not an actual construction worker! I won't tell anyone. Though his well-manicured nails may give him away.

Boots have a bonus purpose too. They're perfect for protests, whatever the cause. Things can get a bit hectic when you're on the front lines of social justice issues. So a pair of sturdy boots (preferably ones you can run in if necessary), are a great accessory. And if your social justice issue is legalizing public nudity in San Francisco, nobody will get mad at you if you wear boots to complement your nudity. Nudists don't just have to wear sneakers anymore.

Okay, I guess sneakers are technically a more convenient fetish than boots, just because they're more common. Hopefully you're into both boots and sneakers. And (because you'll lose control of yourself from all that stimuli), it'd be good if you also have a fetish for spontaneously ejaculating in public, while in light-colored pants. And no underwear. While those boot wearing constructions workers laugh and point. Because that's going to happen.

Scandal Alert: certain muscle men fuck with their boots on.

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