Booted Ray

Booted Ray is a mix of all things leather, rubber, boots, uniforms, skins and fetish. It's like a drop-in center for everyone into the scene or interested in knowing more about it. There are handy links to the stores and shops, plus reviews and shopping guides. A changing top bar shows you some of the featured posts and there are also links to related sites and stores at the side, and down at the bottom. Ray has an About page so you can find out what he is into and where he is, that kind of thing. But it is the images that draw you into this blog, and the way that he charts his way of life online, posing for some special shoots for us, or just filling us in on what he is up to, and what his mate 'Wellie' (a real person) has been doing. It's what a real blog should be; an online diary. If you're not sure what you want to read about or see, then you can make use of his random pics selector on the right and the list of post titles. It's all going to stay around the theme of boots though as Ray wears a different pair each day, and whether the pics or videos are to do with watersports or fisting, there's some mention of the boot fetish in here somewhere.

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