Men At Play specialize in serious hunks in suits. But today I thought I'd cut right to the chase for ya all and deliver the goods right from where the fucking starts. This shoot is made up of Julian Vincenzo and Erik Demko who have been eyeing up each other for some time. Both men are of the highest physical standards. Extremely good looking, not an ounce of fat between either one of their chiseled bods, and they both possess two-fisted sized cocks. You can't get much pickier than that. Couple their stats with their innate sense for what to do right in front of the camera and you've got nothing less than history in the making. This is one hot fuck and cum scene.


A view from right underneath the table gives us a front row seat as Erik rides Julian's thick hard horse cock. And thick is right! Look at how it's spreading the bottom dude's hole right open. I would imagine he may have been a bit sore after this video. He He.


So now it's time for release. That pressure that builds up in your ballz until they're literally blue with blood flow. Every nerve in your body is on fire as your sack begs to empty it's contents. And then it happens.


Ahhhhhh. Damn that feels good. Here we get a full close up view of Julian's lethal weapon. Is that not a fucking splendid cock or what? Men At Play get top billing for this one once again. Where do they find these men? I must find out so I can put on my best suit and see if they cruise me. In my dreams. But I'll keep on wishing forever.

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