Bondage Play

Some bedrooms are all about sleeping, the bedroom belonging to these two bears is all about play. Their headboard is a made of a wooden post and plank that run the width of the bed. Secured to the plank are various rings to which one would secure ropes, chains, wrist restraints, and yes, your husband. A couple of leather pads hang from the post, and I'm assuming that's to provide some cushion so husband #1's head doesn't push through the wall as he's getting his ass fucked. Walter is the dark-haired bear who has his hands tied in front of him. His partner, BearSer, is securing a gag around his face. With his bear securely fastened, BearSer pulls off his jeans. And then, grabbing some more rope, he ties Walter's feet together, and then, ropes his arms to one of the rings on the headboard. And now with Walter completely restrained, BearSer starts playing with his nipples and sliding his hands into Walter's boxer shorts. He spoons Walter and runs his hands all over his body, and then, he flips Walter over on his stomach and climbs on top of him. I wonder what's going to happen next.

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