Bondage Jeopardy

Bondage Jeopardy is an interesting site that not only puts the focus on bondage, but also on kidnap fantasies and role playing. Spies, burglars, sorcerers, even vampires are involved in these sexy bondage fantasies that include hypnosis, humiliation, tickling and some very creative gagging and blindfolding. The guys are college aged and cute, so it's a pleasure to watch as they struggle while helpless and bound. The content here is exclusive, there's also some cartoon bondage sessions featuring cute toon guys tied, tormented, humiliated and always involved in escape plans. In a way, they remind me of those classic old movie serials where the hero or heroine is always being captured. One other feature Bondage Jeopardy offers that I haven't seen at any bondage sites is their collection of mainstream bondage including some super hero bondage from comic books. An interesting site with their own exclusive videos and comics, all focuses on college-aged guys in bondage.

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