Gay Bondage

Have you ever let someone tie you up during a romp? It's probably one of the most erotic things that you can do. And if you trust the man - and you'd better because now you're naked and tied to a bed - blind folds can be a hot addition. Just the sensation of not knowing what is happening or what is going to happen. Feeling something incredible and trying to figure out what the hell it is. This pictures is from a video where big dicked Jason is tied up and serviced by his buddy Jordan. Jason has a beautifully huge cock, so it's over the top watching Jordan suck it exactly how he wants to. All Jason can do is lie there and watch his cock sucking buddy tease his cock and make it feel good. Eventually Jordan squats over Jason's cock and goes for a nice long ride on a big, hard pony. And when Jordan has had his fill, he jacks off Jason, letting him explode all over his own belly. With his face still flush with blood and a blast of cum all the way up his stomach and chest, Jason just lies there, bound to the bed, while Jordan teases him one last time. Licking and sucking his nipples and making this euphoric moment last just a little longer.

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