As far as hairy men go, Joey here is my type of man to a tee. I don't mind huskier bears either, and the odd big-bellied bear is okay, too, if he's really good looking. But if I were to have my pick from the hairy man stable, it would be a man like Joey. I like them lean, and I like them hairy. And Joey is hairy everywhere -- his chest and belly are really hairy and so are is legs. His ass is really tight and firm, but smooth, although he's got a few whisps of hair in the small of his back, which I always find a major turn on. And when he gets down on his hands and knees, you can see his ass crack is hairy, too. His balls, on the otherhand, are shaved, and that's just the way I like them. As much as I like hairy men, I do like a nice set of smooth balls. Truth be told, I even prefer a shaved butt hole, I love running my tongue around a completely shaved rosebud. Joey's got a perfect cock. I'm not really a huge cock man, although they are nice to look at and fantasze about. But when it comes to sucking cock, I like a nice average penis -- 6 to 7 inches when it's hard is completely fine with me. And finally, Joey's got a hot face with a sexy beard. This man is an all-around hot package.

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