Bob Mizer photos on exhibit

It's a new year, and Bob Mizer, though long departed, continues to have an impact. New York City art gallery Invisible-Exports (14A Orchard Street) has a new solo show from the iconic photographer-filmmaker running through January 27. Artifacts includes a rare selection of staged tableux, moody images of West Coast subcultures and an intimate collection of objects from various private sessions. These were all preserved by Mizer himself, along with numerous pictures, films and videos. Notes the press release: "The objects and photographs here show Mizer to be the progenitor of a new kind of devotional work that honors the kaleidoscopic typology of desire in the final stages of the underground era, while approaching it simultaneously as an improvised and mesmerizing ethnography."

Mizer, who died in 1992 at age 70, founded the Athletic Model Guild studio in 1945, beginning his legendary body of man-on-man erotic artwork. He went on to create the groundbreaking Physique Pictorial magazine in 1951, which also debuted the work of artists such as Tom of Finland, Quaintance and others. Models included actors Joe Dallesandro, Alan Ladd, Victor Mature and a beefy young Arnold Schwarzenegger. Later, Mizer's influence was felt in the works of David Hockney, Robert Mapplethorpe, Andy Warhol and Gore Vidal, among others, and it still reverberates throughout the images of today's advertising and gay porn industries. For more information on Artifacts, click here.

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