This morning I cruised over to Men at Play and I found myself in hunk heaven. Wholleee Fuck! Bruno Knight is this dark-haired, handsome man sitting at the boardroom table. He's going to be a bear one day, but right now, he's a hot, fucking hunk of man. Rob Nelson comes through the boardroom door and the men race to one another. (They've obviously planned this rendez-vous.) They lock in a passionate kiss.

Rob Nelson is a 6-foot-tall Spaniard and he's every bit as handsome. Bruno's wearing a sexy and neatly trimmed beard. And I love watching these men kiss. They're so masculine in the way they butt lips. As they kiss, Bruno starts undressing Rob, revealing a chiseled chest with awesome pecs. Rob squats down and starts licking Bruno's cock. It's already rock hard and ready for Rob's tongue. After enjoying Rob's mouth Bruno wants a taste of Rob's cock. Rob sits back on the boardroom table and Bruno goes to work. Then he pushes the hot Spaniard back and gives him some hot rimming action.

Still wearing his suit, Bruno teases Rob's fuck hole with his big, 8-inch cock, smearing it all over Rob's wet rosebud. But when Bruno wants to get down to some hard fucking, he strips out of his suit and pounds Rob's ass good and hard. I'm going to cut this one short because I haven't seen the whole video yet and I want to get back to it. I just know a hairy hunk like Bruno has a big wad of cum to spill all over Rob, I just want to see where he's going to dump it. I'll meet you over there!

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