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Here comes Logan ... bright, blue eyes and a friendly smile. And he's a bit of a showoff. In fact he told Fratmen afterward that what really helped him get off was knowing that thousands of people would be watching him. And who couldn't watch this? Logan has a hard chiseled body -- look at those pecs -- he's a good-looking guy, and you just melt when he flashes that smile at the camera! But I'm especially interested in that fat cock of his. It's a thick fucker with a nice downward bend to it. And I'm thinking about sliding that fatty all the way down my throat and wrapping my lips around that really thick base. Logan is also packing a nice butt, too -- perfectly round and tight. You just want to lay him down on the bed, spread those firm mounds of flesh, and dive in with your tongue. There's so much of him to take in, you're going to love watching him.

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