Sucking Cock

Well that didn't take long - Taylor made his debut appearance on Corbin Fisher six updates ago (about three weeks) and already he's back for his first blowjob. Taylor got a tremendous response and there was a ton of e-mail asking to see him in some guy on guy action. Taylor agree to give it a shot and Dave happened to be around. Now Dave is fairly new to Corbin Fisher, too, and he's been back a couple of times - in two blowjobs scenes and an ass fucking flip-flip with one of the other Corbin Fisher studs. Dave is a friendly and easy-going guy, so he seemed to be the perfect one to break Taylor in and giving him his first guy-on-guy blowjob. As Taylor settles back on the bed and puts his hands behind his head, Dave goes to work. This gives us a great view of Taylor's upper body, which is very strong, well-defined, and smooth. Dave's a good cock sucker and Taylor is obvisously enjoying himself, but he looks like trying not to enjoy it too much. But because it's Taylor's first time, Dave is putting everything he's got into it, he wants Taylor to remember this blowjob. And judging by the creamy load of Taylor's belly - he will.

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