Sean Ash is the type of guy who has women and men throwing themselves at him. According to MIKE HANCOCK, Sean will go both ways to satisfy his incredible sexual appetite. With a gorgeous body and face, not to mention a big, thick cock, he delivers regardless of who he engages with. Captured here is a series of images which are part of a sensational gallery where Sean gets blown by a guy in his college dorm room. What makes this shooting unique, is the guy servicing Sean never takes his clothes off. But Sean surely does!


Sean sits back and gets rimmed by his clothed servicer. Engorged cock gripped tight in his hand, he's probably thinking how there aren't too many women out there who are willing to do THIS! No one rims ass like a guy.


Talk about getting rimmed! The clothed guy gets his tongue as deep as he can up Sean's hole. Who could blame him when you've got such a beautiful pair of naked buttocks right in front of your face?! What a fantastic shot!


It looks as though Sean is getting pretty horny now! With legs spread wide apart and his clothed buddy fingering his hungry asshole, I'd say he was almost ready for some anal fun. MIKE HANCOCK has supplied us with the full gallery of Sean Ash and his unnaked partner having some unique fun. This is some incredibly HOT stuff so be sure to drop on by!

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