College is all about experimentation--and not just in the science lab. That includes experimentation of the sexual variety. Who hasn't pulled an all-nighter, gone to class stoned or filmed a gay porn scene in their dorm room? Well, maybe that last part is the stuff of dreams (or maybe it's not!), but the many joys of being a student are explored in Blowing Off Class: Gay College Erotica, a new book of erotic fiction from German publisher Bruno Gmünder. In the introduction, editor Winston Gieseke writes, "For many young men, [college] is the beginning of their sexual independence--their first time free of nagging parents, annoying siblings and unfair curfews; their first taste of freedom to entertain in their bedroom whoever, whenever and however they want." He also points out that "the only college sex you regret is the sex you didn't have!"

In 14 short stories, these big men on campus thankfully hit the sheets more often than they hit the books. Authors include Rob Rosen, Mark Wildyr, Mike Hicks, Brett Lockhard, Kit Christopher and (full disclosure) yours truly, Vincent Lambert. My second foray into fiction (you can find the first here), "A Cam Star Is Born," follows insecure college sophomore Evan Spencer as he gets drawn into a world of gay porn at his school. As a new semester begins, Evan learns that some enterprising upperclassmen are running a cam site from their dorm room. But when he gets an offer to perform, will he take it!? To find out whether Evan fucks his way to fame and fortune, and to read these other steamy works of fiction, you'll just have to pick up a copy of Blowing Off Class. For more information, click here.

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