blowing cody cummings

Undercover detectives Cody Cummings and Johnny Torque are on a surveillance assignment. They're holed up in a bedroom watching a house across the street. There's nothing to do but wait and see if this deal is going to go down.

Cummings lies back and takes a snooze on the bed. Johnny grabs a porn magazine he brought with him and starts flipping through the pages. With Cody sleeping, Johnny decides he's going to chance it and bust one out. So he pulls out his big cock and starts stroking it.

Midway through this jerk-off session, Cody wakes up. He doesn't feel like jacking off (these two have jacked off together before), but it sure has been a long time since he's had a good blowjob. Johnny's good and horny now, so he goes down on Cummings large cock and gets it nice and hard. And when Cody is ready to spunk, he offers his face and his muscle buddy splooges all over it. Now that's the kind of partner you want to have in police work!

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