Blonde Jock

I recently discovered a new straight jock site. Well, it's not completely new, just new to me. I remember seeing it about a year ago, but never went back to it until a couple of weeks ago. Buk Buddies is a straight amateur jock site, and it's fucking hot. Blonde jock Cody is just one of the guys you'll find there. Cody is a hot fucking guy. He's got this straight, masculine air to him, and yet, he's willing to hoist a basketball with his feet and show off his tight butt hole. I'm not usually into blondes, let alone blonde jocks, but sometimes I see a guy like Cody and I get all churned up inside. I would totally love to do this guy. He doesn't have to do anything, just lie there and let me worship his cock. Perhaps if I'm lucky, he'd roll over and let me eat out his ass, making him feel so good until his head is about ready to cave in. But the question is: how would you get a guy like Cody back to your place? Can you imagine him hanging out in a bar with all his straight buddies? Maybe you could follow him into the bathroom and risk a pop in the nose. Maybe convince him to meet you down the road after he ditches his buddies back at the bar. This 26-year-old blonde jock has a rock-solid body and he'd definitely be worth the effort.


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