Blonde Jock

After Andrew slides out of his shorts and t-shirt, he gets down on the ground and starts doing some push-ups. I love it when straight guys do this kind of shit. Like I care how many push-ups you can do when I'm sucking your cock. I suppose I might care if you were fucking my ass, but really, I've been fucked by many big-bellied bears who can fuck for just as long as a fit jock. Andrew is the quintessential all-American guy next door - golden blonde hair, sexy blue eyes, devilish grin, and a tight, well-developed body. His pecs are hard and beautiful and his pumped up arms are inked. Andrew is mostly smooth except for a slight treasure trail crawling up towards his belly button. And while he looks like a blonde, his pubes tell the truth. I'm betting that Andrew is naturally a red-head. He's got a nice cock with a big nob. And when he rolls over, his butt is plump and covered in fine red-blonde hair. He's a hot fucker, who after jacking off a thick load of cum, jumps in the shower for us.

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