I don't know where they find hot, young executives like this because the men at my last job sure didn't look like this. Had they looked like Ben here I probably wouldn't have left. But I suppose it's better they didn't or I would never have gotten any work done. Can you imagine trying to work in an office with this hunk walking around? Fuck the water cooler, let's go into the executive bathroom so I can suck that 8-inch cock of yours. Ben's a strapping 6' tall and he's 26 years old. And I think he's just the most adorable thing I've seen all week. He's loosening his shirt and tie over at UK Naked Men and taking a bit of a jack off break. He looks so hot standing in his suit jacket, shirt and tie, and completely pantless. Big cock and low hanging balls flopping free. He hoists his leg and reaches from behind to pull on those big nuts of his while he strokes his cock and gets it hard. He gets more comfortable and sits back in a big, red leather chair and has a good wank. Geez ... I wonder if that's the boss's office. Naughty boy.

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