Blonde Bombshell Beach Bum Bottom Blonde Bombshell Beach Bum Bottom

Jessie Colter is a hot young hunk, out and about on the beaches of southern Florida, which is where the Alpha Males camera crew first caught up with him. He's the type of guy who just loves to be naked, outdoors, in the sun - well-tanned, fit, masculine, hung and sexually - a bottom!

The camera crew arranged to meet up with Jessie the next day and they found him sunning himself, naked as usual, by the side of a pool. His cock is swollen, not rock-hard, but pleasantly tumescent - he's thinking of sex, his arsehole open to full view, proudly displaying his sexual preference to anyone nearby. As his daydreams turn to more raunchy thoughts, his cock becomes harder and harder, until finally it is fully erect and pointing towards the sky. Jessie takes it in hand and strokes it lovingly - hoping for the right man to pass by and take possession of all that he has to offer!

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