Bottle blond or natural blond, all blond guys are total whores! Okay, maybe not, but why aren't there stereotypes about blond guys like there are about blond women? And how come when people in say "blondes have more fun" you just know they're totally talking about women? It's like this totally gendered hair color.

In porn, blond twinks are a total thing. And porn daddies are rarely blond. Would it make them look too vain and unnatural? Or do they just go grey sooner? Is there a blond equivalent of salt and pepper? I think it's just called grey.

But my favorite phrase is dirty blond. As in that guy in spandex shorts and no underwear with huge nipples poking through his tight pink t-shirt is totally a dirty blond. From the top of his head to head of his dick. And that's the stereotype I have, that blond guys are somehow more sexually knowing, more sexually open, and yes, more sexually submissive. Not based in any sort of fact.

Still, when I see an obviously bleached blond guy with dark roots, I think hustler circa 1987. Which is totally a good thing. As long as I can pay in 2014 dollars. Plus blonds don't know how to count, right? That's a lot of cheap blond sex.

So bleached blond still totally counts as blond (regardless of the carpet not matching the drapes). And a bleached blond mohawk on a mega hung Hungarian is awesome!

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