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With a fighting record of 1:1 on the mats, blond stud Phillip Aubrey needs to win this match in order to remain on top - and he doesn't intend to surrender his ass to his opponent. He's lean, ripped, and he's packing a thick dick, which he wants to bury in Matthew Singer's ass.

Matthew is tall like Phillip, with long legs and big thick cock; and he got his ass kicked in a wrestling match last spring. He feels that his military training and his strength will help him win this match and get back in the game. But Phillip has amazing endurance and he's trained in Budokan, so he's going to be formidable opponent. Both of these studs want to fuck ass, so it's going to be a hot, sweaty match.

The guys go at it on the mats, ripping off each other's jockstraps earning bonus points for slapping ass, fingering butts, and slapping one another's faces with their stiff cocks. Matthew's thick cock flops around as he tumbles on the mats with Phillip, and while Matthew tries to gain the upper hand, Phillip is always right there buffing his every move. In the end, poor Matthew goes down in defeat. Phillip face fucks his opponent and rides him like a horse. Then, down on all fours, Matthew feels the full thrusting force of Phillip's hard, muscled body. After fucking him hard, Phillip spews a big load all over Matthew and leaves him on the mats to feel the pain of defeat. Head over to Naked Kombat and check out the free video preview of this naked wrestling match.

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