Blond Stud's Thick Veiny Cock Blond Stud's Thick Veiny Cock

You never know what's going to become of these guys you see them in gay porn videos. Back in May of 2009, skinny, 18-year-old William Prince jacked his thick, veiny cock for Squirtz, and he even made a couple of fuck videos. Then he found a girlfriend and disappeared.

But a few weeks ago, this blond stud resurfaced, minus the girlfriend, and eager to show off his new body. William has been working out and he's no longer a skinny twink. He's got a beautifully hard body, sports a furry patch between his hard pecs and another trail of hairy crawling up from his pubes, but he's still packing that beautiful fat cock and a healthy pair of low hangers. His ass is beefy and he even enjoys showing off his butt hole before lying back and covering those abs with a juicy load of spunk. Time will tell if this cute blond guy is going to let another guy invade that sweet butt hole of his, but I'd be just as happy watching him stuffing his sturdy hard-on up another dude's ass.

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