MJ and Landon are two blond college guys who had incredible chemistry from the moment they met at College Dudes 24/7. Maybe it's narcisicm that attracted these two blonds to each other or maybe they were both just plain horny, but you'd think the two of them were long-term lovers rather than having just been introduced to do a porn shoot. Landon is a 19 year old sophomore with a cock that's always hard and MJ is an 18 year old freshmen who's already proved himself as a bottom in several videos.

The way Landon takes over, you'd think he was an old hand at porn, but this is actually his first shoot with another guy. From the very start of the shoot, he pulls MJ to him with passion and enthusiasm.


Before you know it, it's blowjob time. You can see that MJ loves sucking on Landon's rock-hard pole, and Landon feeds his dick to the MJ with enthusiasm.


Landon also loves eating MJ's ass, and it's obvious he's done this before. He teases the bottom boy with his warm, wet tongue, stimulating that hot hole and getting it loose and ready!


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