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I haven't normally been a huge fan of blond men, but recently in my gay porn travels on the Web I've been stumbling across a lot of really good-looking blond men, so I think I'm becoming a fan. David Jones is a straight guy who has appeared on a number of gay porn sites and this week he's wearing a tuxedo on Men at Play - and he's looking so sexy.

David Jones is handsome, but he's got a little of that bad boy thing happening. And dressing him up in a white and black tuxedo only seems to accentuate that there's something hot and devilish seething under that tuxedo. He looks like the kind of guy who knows exactly how to charm his way into your bed and maybe your heart.

David slowly strips out of his tuxedo and reveals a perfectly ripped torso - chiseled abs and a tight washboard stomach - and he's covered in soft blonde hair. Still wearing his underwear, he teases us by pulling his uncut dick through the leg hole. Then he sheds his underwear and he's completely naked except for his long, knee-high, dark socks. How sexy!

David settles back and starts jerking his big, stiff cock. He's in no hurry and loves teasing us. But he's not all tease - he pumps out a delicious load of cum all over his hairy chest. Head over to Men at Play and watch his preview video.

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