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Josh is a tiny elf of a guy and he's taking on a rather beefy and very well-stacked Steve who stands four inches taller and outweighs him by 75 pounds! This boy's going to take a pounding in this Corbin Fisher video, I sure hope Steve doesn't break Josh. This is Steve's first time fucking a guy, so let's hope he knows what he's doing.

The guys get into it pulling off their shirts, Josh kisses and licks Steve's plump pecs, then these two guys kiss. The shorts come off and Steve feels a guy's mouth on his cock for the first time. He rubs Josh's head as the cocksucker bobs slowly on his stiff rod. Then Steve takes his turn sucking Josh's dick. But Steve wants more head, so he pushes his blond buddy's head back down on his cock.

Josh gets down on all fours and Steve fingers his tight butt hole. "I can't wait for you to fuck me", Josh says. Steve makes him wait for it and fingers his cock-hungry hole a little longer. Finally Steve slides his big dick inside Josh's tiny ass, holding his butt cheeks so he can steer his pole into Josh's fuck hole. Then Steve starts ramming hard and Josh's hard cock is bouncing all over the place.

Josh lies back on the couch and really gets his ass drilled, then the horny bottom sits on Steve's dick and rides it deep. Steve strokes Josh's cock while he's bouncing on his dick

and Josh dumps his load all over Steve's ripped abs. Then Steve pulls out and unloads all over Josh's cock and balls. That was a hot session and I'd say Steve very much knows what he's doing with a guy's ass, maybe a little too much. Hmmm.

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