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Gavin Waters is a buff, blond jock and he's making his first appearance on Circle Jerk Boys. Cameron Marshall is another cute, blond guy and he's packing a nice, meaty, 7-inch cock. He's fucked quite a bit of ass on the site, and when he heard a newcomer was joining the ranks, Cameron offered to break him in. Nice guy!

These two blond guys start making out on the couch and the chemistry between them is on fire from the very beginning. Gavin starts licking Cameron's chest and his tongue heads south to the big bulge in Cameron's shorts. Gavin swallows Cameron's cock and Cameron gets pretty turned on watching his dick sliding in and out of his blond friend's mouth. Gavin licks and sucks on Cameron's smooth balls - he doesn't want to miss and inch of this guy.

After swapping blowjobs in a 69 cocksucking session, Gavin bends over and Cameron starts filling his sweet ass. "Take it out and stick it back in" he begs Cameron. After fucking him for a while, Cameron moves Gavin into the missionary position. The guys kiss and Cameron continues to grind against Gavin's ass. "Deeper!" Gavin begs. Finally Gavin takes matters into his own hands and sits on Cameron's hard cock; now he's getting the deeper he was begging for. Riding Cameron's cock hard sends Gavin over the edge and his cock explodes all over Cameron's face. Cameron gives Gavin a big payback and splooges all over his face. Two hot blond guys fucking like dogs and creaming each other in the face - how fucking hot is that?

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