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If I had this boy's toys, I'd never leave home. Skater boy Prince is slender, blond, and covered in tattoos. Prince shows up at a friend's place and since his buddy isn't home, this skater starts exploring. He finds all kinds of nasty things.

Prince grabs a Cyclone and plays with it. The Cyclone is like a Fleshjack, but it's motorized. I want one of these things! Prince really seems to be enjoying how this thing feels on his cock. Then this blond boy grabs a dildo, gets on all fours on an ottoman and pumps his ass.

But the pièce de résistance in this little jerk-off escapade was finding his buddy's fucking machine. God, I love these things. I'd like to have the money to pop on one. I'd seriously never have to worry about getting laid ever again. Or maybe I should just apply to model for Butt Machine Boys, but that'd only take care of one session. Then what would I do? Prince lines the dildo up at his butt hole, turns the thing on, and the machine starts pistoning his fuckhole. He takes a punishing fuck until he can't take another pump and then his cock explodes with a big load of spunk. I wonder what he told his friend when he got home.

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