The author of Blog The Hegemony offers a brief snippet of movie description, then presents screen shots of the actors and scenes from the movie itself. The movies chosen are a big part of the allure here. They pretty much all deal with gay lifestyle from the mainstream perspective and reveal much about what it means to be gay in today - and yesterday's - society. Sympathetic films are generally what we are talking about - loaded with the emotional components of love and exposure. He is an ambitious type, this author, who it appears is beginning a forum which may or may not make it - always a question with forums - and sporting an absolutely gorgeous site. But by far the single most defining characteristic of this site are the screen shots. The movies he chooses are all significant contributions to gay art, but his pictures are pretty much revealing of an interest in very handsome men. Not that there's anything wrong with that!! In the end, we get not only a sense of what is some great art but we also get a tasteful representation of what some of our acting icons really look like. This is an interesting blog, for sure.

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