As we are all aware I'm sure, gay oriented movies are now becoming a larger part of the Hollywood blockbuster scene. Blog The Hegemony seems to focus on this fact and gives us some preview pics and a bit of descriptive text about the flicks. I have to say that the design and the flash image galleries are a bit unique as far as blogs go. I will admit I am not a huge fan of flash, however, everything loaded just fine for me while surfing around. Just be sure to click the inside of each photo or click "close" in order to go back to the main thumbnail gallery. Interesting text and introspective critique accompany the flash galleries, giving us a fairly decent indication of what each movie is about and whether it moves you or not. According to the bloggers opinion anyway. Although there is an emphasis on hot men starring in these features, and some of them are in fact gay oriented, you can find entries on many different categories of pictures, including Sci-fi and Humour. Blog entries go back about a year, so there certainly is plenty to read and browse through. Be sure to browse through "Most Popular" for the good ones. Cool blog.

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