Blog About Men is a product of a French Canadian guy, living in Asia with his long time male partner who helped him develop this gorgeous blog about beautiful men, their form and the appeal they offer to other appreciators of gorgeous man flesh. It really works exceedingly well. Francois's pictures and videos are universally those dealing with the hottest-looking men in the world. Naturally, most are gay and many, in fact, are seen in contact with other equally-hot guys.He takes particular interest in men removing clothing, revealing more of the body as it goes, never stopping until we get these stunning visuals of hot fucking cocks, throbbing in front of our faces in luscious living color. Hot streaming videos or the beautiful high resolution pictures he sports on his blog all combine to make a visit here a wonderful treat for eye candy aficiando's as well as for - well, hell - everybody who likes good-looking men. Make no mistake - there are lots of them on this rich and bodacious blog. Well done, Francois!

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