Blindfolded and Fucked

Brenn Wyson is a sexy fucker. He's thick, muscular, and tattooed; and he likes to play rough. He has set up a Bound Gods playroom in an abandoned bunker deep in the woods where no one can hear the screams. He's invited Nomad to come up and play with him and he's extremely excited to have a new slave to mahandle. Brenn ties Nomad to a pillar and after pulling down the helpless guy's jeans, Brenn fastens a chastity device around Nomad's cock--no one gets to play with this dick without Brenn's permission! Brenn tries out a number of new toys on Nomad, including an inflatable mouth gag and inflatable dildo. Before fucking Nomad's ass, Breen lays his slave across a rack and secures his legs in the air. This exposes the sensitive undersides of Nomad's thighs, which Breen canes until red welts blister across the tender skin. With Nomad's fuck hole exposed, Breen plunges his stiff cock deep inside his slave's ass. Nomad would love to scream, but his mouth is full of that inflatable gag. Perfect! Shut up and take it!

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