At first glance, this pic of Kai being fucked by Pablo from Fresh SX looked like a really hot fuck pic - and it is. And at second glance, I saw that the guys were hot and the bottom had a thick, uncut cock. But at THIRD glance, I realized that the guy getting fucked is wearing a blindfold. And after a second, I realized that that seemed very intriguing to me - the idea of having a dick shoved inside your ass and not being able to see as it was thrust inside again and again.

There's a lack of control about being blindfolded that seems very, very sexy to me. You don't know exactly what's being done with you or to you. The other person is in complete control...


Pablo had a good time with this. He shoves his cock into Kai's mouth while Kai responds by eagerly sucking him, then Pablo turns Kai around to eat his ass, getting his face between those two cheeks and really getting into it.


And once he has Kai good and hot, he leaves the blindfold on his and fills Kai's sensitive hole with hard, european cock and takes him for one hell of a ride!


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