Blake Savage is AustinZane's first Exclusive model

The guys at have a new exclusive, and his name is Blake Savage! Who the hell is Austin Zane? And who, for that matter, is Blake Savage? Well, we can't blame you for asking. The site is relatively new, founded by cuties Austin Andrews and Zane Michaels, two former "performers" on Straight College Men. But they're not just jacking for their supper anymore. These days, the adorable besties and their "straight" buddies are going at it fully hard-core, and their site offers weekly updates with photos, videos and even live sex shows.

And now Austin and Zane are getting savage with their new discovery and first studio exclusive. Blake is a 20-year-old Ohio native who grew up hunting, fishing and milking cows. He was also a high school jock. According to a looooong, involved interview with his new employers (you can watch it here), Savage reveals that he's a virgin (with dudes), wears a size 12 (!) shoe and, oh, he has a girlfriend. But don't sweat it. She has no issue with him "getting rammed in the ass anymore." In fact, she might be filming a girl-on-girl scene herself in the near future. What a lovely couple! To see Blake's solo debut, visit

Oh, and congrats go out to Austin Andrews, who we've just learned recently became a baby daddy! Hmmm, maybe these guys really are straight after all!

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