Blake Mason Presents Marcus

Marcus was introduced to Blake Mason in a most unusual manner - by a woman. No one knows if she is a girlfriend or an ex or what, but they sure are glad she did it. And so should all of us! Even though this majorly gorgeous man is straight, he LOVES to show off his cock and body. And when you're carrying around a physique like his, along with a sensational 7.5" cock, that's not surprising in the least. Whoever has had Marcus' magic wand surely felt filled to the brim that's for sure. One very interesting I find about this incredible British stud is that he's very open minded for a straight bloke. In fact, so much so, that he actually came right in his own face! A massive spurt of man jizz right on his chin, lips, nose and everything. I'll have you go check him out to see what he did with it afterward. He He.

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