What do you think is sexier - a man wearing a suit or a guy dripping wet in the shower? It looks like UK Naked Men couldn't decide, either. When Leon, a hot and muscular ebony man with a huge uncut cock, came to his photo shoot wearing a silk suit. He looked gorgeous in it, but maybe they had originally planned to put him in the shower. I don't know, but wait till you see the next pics!

When he shows up wearing a suit, tie and business shirt, first thing they do is put him in the shower and turn on the water. Then he starts undressing - he pulls off his tie.


After the tie and suit jacket come off, next comes the pants and briefs. We get a nice rear view as that firm black ass peeks out - UK Naked Men does a great job showing off all of Leon as he undresses.


Once the rest of the clothes come off, Leon's huge and uncut endowment is on display and damn - it's big! But I still can't decide what's I think is sexier - Leon in a suit, Leon stripping or Leon showering. Maybe I'll spend some more time checking out the pics so I can decide ;)


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