Black Top With A Huge Cock

Dark Thunder black stud top Blu Black is blessed with a huge cock. It's just about as wide around as most could handle, and gets hard to the point of resembling a literal rod of steel. His fellow black Thug Mikey couldn't get enough of the massive dick, and wasted no time at all dropping to his knees and engulfing as much of it as he could into his hungry mouth and throat. Blu Black approved of his buddy's cocksucking skills immensely, and showed his appreciation by bending him over and shoving every dark inch of his schlong deep up Mikey's hot black ass. Bent over like the bitch he is, Mikey enjoyed the pleasure of such a formidable cock, taking it like only a true hungry bottom can. To make things even more hot, Mikey rips the condom from Blu Black's enormous man meat and sucks it once again.

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