When I saw these pics of Prince Ramses at Black Stud Society, I was blown away. His light ebony skin, masculine presence and mature sexiness caught my eye AND my libido. He looks strong in body and in personality. And he looks horny. Look at the way he works that black cock! He's really into it. These pics are actually taken from his video - I liked 'em better than the professional pics because they showed him in action better, with better closeups.

Look at the way the camera man lets us look over Prince Ramses' shoulder. We can see his cock as he sees it while he's stroking it.


As he gets closer and closer, he throws back his head. His body tenses and he uses both hands as he jerks his dick...


And then he can't wait any longer. His hands move faster and faster and he shoots his load all over his stomach for the camera. Don't you wish you could be there to lick it up?


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