Thanks to Fleshbot's full-time commitment to sex in all its splendor, the director now known as the Black Spark - who appears masked by a bandana (I'm sorry but I can't be the only homosexual digging that whole 19th century train robber thing) has captured a growing fan-base even though what he doesn't do - and don't ever suggest to him that he does - is porn (Okay, yes, there is a lot of sex in his videos). There are hard-ons and lots of cum shots and beautiful, six-pack-adorned bodies. There's even a bit of a lover's tale in one of the two - "Sunday Faith" - that's actually pretty affecting (The other video is "Dance In My Heart Now," which one commenter pointed out is a Groove Armada song. It's wonderful that they've agreed to that! That's progress!)

And what's nice is that he's part of growing pool of directors - Ryan Sullivan ("Island"), Travis Matthews ("I Want Your Love"), John Cameron Mitchell ("Shortbus") - who are telling stories that include - in fact depend - on explicit sex.

Black Spark got a boost, too, with a three page interview in Out Magazine where he discussed in-depth what he's doing (or not doing, as the case may be).

"It's not porn -- it's my life. What you're seeing is not a show I'm putting on. People need to know they're seeing something real and the reality of it makes it art. There are no faked emotions. When people in my work look passionate or in love or deeply in lust, that's all very genuine. Whereas in porn you put two people together and you're paying them $500 to do a scene. Just because two people are having sex and you get to watch it, doesn't make it porn."

Take that, Out! Of course, the statement - "You obviously know there's a debate raging online about whether you're making art or porn" - is intended to provoke a response, even if we don't know if there really is a debate because we don't know who's having it.

There's also a whole fantasy component to Black Spark's work that has do with multi-colored, villainous other Sparks:

"There are five Sparks right now -- a White Spark and a Red Spark and others -- and about seven villain characters. Some of them will be in the movie, but for the most part it's for people to get to know the Black Spark. The guys who play the other characters are people I knew and thought were beautiful. I wasn't looking for porn stars, I was just looking for regular people I saw something amazing in. I talked to them about their deep, dark secrets and then I created a character."

This is erotic, highly-charged stuff and the confident voice you hear in the Out interview is the same confident 20-year-old behind the camera and editing his stuff which means that it's the same confident young man.

How lucky is that for us?

Watch "Dance In My Heart Now" by clicking here.

Watch "Sunday Faith" by clicking here.

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