This is a hot little gem I found browsing the internet!

Black Rayne model Brklyn Kid and company owner Que Santiago are gettin' down to business!

I kinda like the vid!

This is honestly Black Rayne at its most organic. They started out with a few camera phone and webcam videos and the rest was history. So, if nothing else this is a reminder of where they started from and the kind of raw unedited guerrilla content and chemistry the Black Rayne team is famous for. And before we start judging on the owner/producer fucking the model, let's be frank; It happens. This industry is based wholly on sex, and to say that this is out of the ordinary would be a total lie. (Although Que has been known to say that he doesn't have sex with his models.)

In any case, I think the video is definitely jerk-off material and reminds me why I'm such a fan of Brklyn Kid as a bottom! You can always check him out at!

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