I'm envious of guys like Chad. I mean how much time do you have to spend at the gym to get a body like this - rounded shoulders, rock hard abs, sculpted pecs, and bulging biceps. Does he do anything other than work out at the gym? Or, is it a matter of genetics? And while Chad looks great naked, he even looks hot in a t-shirt and underwear. His t-shirt is pulled tight across his body showing off every bulge and mound of muscle. Chad grabs a bottle of water and starts pouring it all over himself, and now his clothes are clinging and showing off more of his sexy, muscular body. After teasing us, he finally strips out of his wet clothes, and as you can see, his body is absolutely gorgeous. I think my favourite part are those canon ball shoulders of his. And Chad does have a nice cock, too. It curves and hangs so perfectly. And wait until you see it hard. And of course, I do love his lips. I absolutely adore kissing, so I'm always a sucker for a hot set of kissable lips. Check out Chad and all of the black muscle men at Ebony D.

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