We've all heard the legend that black men have bigger dicks and we've certainly all seen some ebony pornstars are hung like a phone pole. But I somehow doubt that pornstar cocks are ever really average sized so I'm wondering - do black guys have bigger dicks?

I decided to do a little reading and surf some amateur black sites. The reading was interesting but most of it sounded like bullshit to me. Some sites had absolute proof that black men had bigger dicks and some had 100% sure proof that they didn't. I also ran into penis enlargement pill ads that claimed that if I took their pills I could be hung like a whale. Doubting their claims, I decided it was time to check out those black amateur guy sites.

I started off at Thug Boy where I first clicked to check out a model named Ruff Ryder. After seeing him holding his 9 1/2 incher, I felt a little inadequate but was ready to check further. The next guy was Pac and he sported 8 inches of dark wood. I decided to try another site.

I went to Flava Men and wandered till I found a set of a model named Rough Rider. Damn! This muthafucka has what probably really is 10 inches of black fury. I mean, there is no way you could suck the whole thing, but it sure would be fun to try. After wandering around Flava Men, I found a real roughneck named Heat. His dick wasn't small but he wasn't really big - despite the claims on the page, I'd say his cock was a good 6 1/2 or 7 inches max.

I wandered through a few more black sites, and I must say that more of the guys seemed to have really big cocks but there were some average-sized men as well.

The bottom line is that I found a lot more big black dicks out there there than average or small guys. But there were definitely less than gigantic ebony cocks as well. Since I wasn't able to decide for sure on this issue, I think I'll head off to some more black men sites and do a little more research ;)

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