Black Men Collection is a serious and extremely relevant work featuring not just gay black men - which it does in abundance - but also straight black men who happen to be gorgeous. In fact, as the picture above testifies, it even features the soccer hero David Beckham as the white man who is "most black" in style and in spirit, in a well-written, ironic and funny piece which also typifies this loose but smart-as-a-whip site. There is a serious tone with social awareness which a black-centric site will often have. The fact that it is also a gay site adds something, actually, inasmuch as the sympathy for historically-challenged minorities is implicit and long since enshrined. But there is much also to like in the models used, in the beauty of the photographs and the appreciation of the male body in every sense. Well-muscled, good-looking men grace these pages in alluring and gorgeous ways and photographed professionally by some of the best. There is a fabulous interview by a gay black actor who philosophizes about his own experiences in the two "worlds" on the bare outside of integration. Athletes come and hang out, caught in relaxing situations and even Janet Jackson makes an appearance, promoting AIDs awareness. Intelligent and even political, this site teems with excellent and quite interesting fare. Plus, the pictures are damn yummy!

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