Black Stud Society lucked out when they found this model - Big Shadow is muscular and black, powerful and graceful, and since he loves making men horny, he has the perfect job - he works as an exotic dancer! Big Shadow is from New York, and as you can see, he spends a lot of time working out in the gym and doing cardio. He's been stripping for a few years now, and he loves strutting his stuff but this is the first time he's stroked his cock on video, although hopefully it won't be the last.

The photographer asked Big Shadow to bring one of the outfits he wears when he strips at clubs, so he brought this read leather cowboy outfit. Gotta love it since there isn't much of it, and chaps are always a good thing ;)


Big Shadow reaches into his undies to pull out his cock, and the photographer caught the moment very well. Even though this is a closeup, you can see how big that cock is and how ripped and muscular Big Shadow's body is!


Big Shadow loves showing off his stuff, and here his cock and balls are glistening with oil and almost close enough to touch - or even better, to suck!


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