Hot Black Man in Cop Uniform

I'm a big fan of hairy men and older man sites, and it's not very often that you see black men taking their clothes off on these sites. It seems a lot easier for the sites featuring younger guys in their twenties to find black models. But I'm sure glad this Black Daddy found his way to Hot Older Male. Fuck! Woudn't you like to be stopped on the highway by this cop? I know I would. And I wouldn't be stopping right away either, I'd be making sure I headed for the rest stop so the officer and I could have some privacy. And after he cuffed me for resisting arrest I'd get down on my knees to see if I could coax that big cock of his out of his pants. I can just imagine this cop leaning against his car and pulling my head down on his hard cock with his nightstick. He rams his cock down my throat over and over again until he blows a hot, creamy load down my throat. And I imagine he'd let me go with a warning and for "good behaviour."

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