bj's gay pron-crazed ramblings turns out to be aptly named. The author does provide a huge smorgasbord of video clips taken from gay porn movies of earlier eras and, the truth is, he does ramble, particularly in his archives where he went on about relationships, perceptions and other men. It is most intimate and also sexy. He writes terrifically.This is the recently-relocated Word Press edition of his blog and it still links to his earlier efforts dating back with entries to 2001, believe it or not. He covers a huge range of time and features all of the primary actors of each era - complete with accompanying video. Many of the scenes stem from the classics - and the collection is so wide, one could almost say almost any featured title is presented in at least partial form. So many entries, so many subjects, all hot as hell and all in the middle of the most sexy activities - including a whole lot of fucking and sucking. The gorgeous guys of the 70's, blond beach boys having at it, mustachioed hunks from the 80's, more modern studs of the Nineties and this century are all featured. As well, there is footage and photo's of more ancient and equally-entrancing pieces from days when the gay world was more secret and verboten yet just as attractive. This is a blog of sex and history, an informal but very satisfying trip through time by a true aficionado of gay porn.

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