Bizarre Events

Bizarre Events tells us that it is set up to organise and advertise London's largest fetish sex parties, so if you are UK based and looking for something horny to do of a weekend, then keep your eye on this site. The site here is all about text; it's not an image blog, or a 'titillation' site, and it's all run by Nina and Aiden,who work as an independent M/F bisexual escort couple. The site gives you lots of background about the couple, and it also has a page telling you about their parties and what to expect. There is also a handy section telling you about you; they let you know that everyone is welcome, as long as you have an open mind, and that goes for men, women, gay, straight, bi, couples and singles. Join the mailing list and fill out the application form to get news about their sex parties.

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